If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that I follow politics.  I like to say that I follow politics like most people follow sports.  They have a favorite team, to some extent live and die by their team, buy their jerseys and caps and whatnot, support them in any way they can.  My team is Bernie Sanders, but that’s irrelevant to what I have to say today.

I am sick and tired of the discourse that surrounds politics in this country.  The mainstream media is definitely implicated here, but I’m more concerned with the person to person conversations on social media.  Nobody wants to hear anyone else’s ideas, whether a Bernie supporter, a Trump supporter, or Hillary, or whoever.  Everybody thinks they have it totally figured out already, and there’s not a damn thing in the world that could convince them of anything.

First, to the “Bernie Bros”:  If you guys had any sense whatsoever of the ethics and reasoning behind Bernie’s campaign, you would never use sexist slurs against supporters of another candidate.  Bernie’s message is about equality, first and foremost.

Second, to the Hillary fans:  Stop calling all Bernie supporters ignorant, clueless, entitled, young… the list goes on.  You are presupposing so much about a fan base that is as diverse as America itself.  Bernie supporters come from all walks of life, from different geographical areas, different income tax brackets, different nationalities.  I’m sure you’re probably tired of hearing that you’re supporting Hillary only because she’s a woman, just like I am tired of hearing that I’m ignorant and entitled, which I am neither.

Finally, to the Trump supporters:  I respect the fact that you’re willing to go all in on a fringe, anti-establishment candidate.  I get it.  You love the fact that he speaks his mind, that he shuns political correctness.  Believe me, I get it.  I get so tired of the regressive left always tiptoeing around words like “radical islam” and “terrorist” and “Muslim extremist.”  Your gut tells you that he will be strong in the face of threats from around the world, whether Muslim, Mexican, Chinese, Iranian, or whatever.  I get that, too.  But he won’t.  He has already been co-opted by the Republican machine.  Donald Trump doesn’t care about anything but Donald Trump.  He doesn’t care what happens when he becomes president.  He just wants to win.  That’s all he has ever wanted to do, and he will say whatever it takes to get that to happen.  And all this talk about his campaign being self-financed, well, it isn’t.  He loaned a bunch of money to his campaign for the primary, but even he can’t afford a general election campaign.  You are being lied to and manipulated by a very slick (and sick) guy.  It’s not too late to recognize that and find a better candidate.

Lastly, to everyone, can we PLEASE start treating each other with respect out there?  We’re all humans, we all live here, and for better or worse we all have to deal with the election and the consequences of who we elect.  So let’s try to be a bit more civil, shall we?

On that note, the election doesn’t stop at the presidency!  Find out who the senators and representatives are that best reflect your values and vote for them too!  Find out who is running for city, county, state positions!  It is your duty as an American citizen to be involved in the democratic process, so by all means, fulfill your duty as an American.  DO YOUR RESEARCH AND VOTE EVERY ELECTION!

Ok, that’s it for this time.  Patiently awaiting Oregon and Kentucky primary results.


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