In Response: The Comical Conservative



This meme popped into my Facebook feed today.  I wrote a comment on the post that I am going to publish here, because it explains about as well as I am capable why I support Bernie Sanders.


Bernie supporters understand this:

1) They know it doesn’t mean free. It means that the corporate world pays to train their employees, rather than their employees having to pay for it themselves, in most cases taking on absurd amounts of debt just to be viable in the marketplace.

2) It has nothing to do with entitlement. It has to do with the capital markets paying for ALL the costs of doing business, not just what shows up on their income statement.

3) Actually, you can. See FDR’s administration and the US circa 1950-1975, approximately.

4) The rich are not 100% responsible, but they are to a great extent. The rich have rigged the system through lobbyists and corporate campaign contributions so that it is increasingly difficult to gain upward financial mobility in the USA. They are also responsible for conditions that cause certain people to work 2-3 or more jobs just to eat and have a place to live (read: totally miserable).

5) Not sure what you’re talking about here, but America IS great. It is great right now, despite what you and Trump and whatever other pundits say. Democratic Socialism will make America better. When basic needs are met, such as food, health care, enough money to get by every month and maybe even save a little (aka a livable wage), life gets a lot better for hundreds of millions of people.  Crime goes down.  The murder rate goes down.  Social and political involvement increases.  Art flourishes.  People start to be able to live rich, meaningful lives.