According to a not-so-recent Fox News poll, 42% of respondents believe there is a “war on Christmas” going on in America.  From what I can gather from things my relatives and others post on Facebook, this means that in their minds, people should be saying “Merry Christmas” instead of less specific, more innocuous greetings like “Happy Holidays,” and when they use these more innocuous terms, they are declaring war against God, against Christianity, and against Christmas!  Starbucks was recently accused of being guilty of attacking Christmas because they decided to omit all imagery and other references to any specific holiday from their winter coffee cup.

Basically what’s going on here is that some Christians, empowered by such folks as Bill O’Reilly, have become deeply and personally offended that the holiday greeting used by others does not acknowledge their own superstitions.

May I gently remind all of us that not all people in the world believe that Jesus is the son of God.  For people that do believe Jesus is the son of God, this often has more to do with where you were born, not how right you are.

By forcing one’s will for others to acknowledge religious beliefs that they may not hold, we are in violation of the first amendment.   Freedom of religion implicitly includes freedom from religion.  Despite what our religious beliefs may be, we need to allow others the freedom to believe what they believe, as they should allow us to do the same.  At some point I may address the fallacy of the Christian Nation, but not now.

So next time someone smiles at you and says, “Happy Holidays,” smile back and say, “Thanks, same to you.”  Because anyone getting offended at two words, one of which is HAPPY, is not only ridiculous, but also 100% un-American.


4 thoughts on “War on Christmas?

  1. Nate, Nate, Nate I have found something with which I agree with you, and then you attack Christians. Thanks for the dig of calling the most important thing in my life a superstition. It was intentional on your part, as if it somehow makes you smarter and more informed. You say we should be more accepting of peoples beliefs, and non-beliefs as you hammer one of them. Happy Holidays


    1. I thought of a better way to put it, and hopefully this will be a little more clear that I’m not talking about you, or anyone who takes their beliefs seriously.
      It is my opinion that if a person is so insecure in their beliefs that they need others to somehow bring validity to them through specific social greetings, then what they believe is probably superstition.
      If someone believes what they believe despite what other people might think or say, then they are onto something much deeper and more real, therefore not superstition.
      I hope that sheds some light on things.


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